Galway Flute Festival Korea 2016

On the Couch with Sir James Galway at Seoul Arts Center

Gonjiam Music Festival is very proud to present our first project of Season 1 with “On the Couch” with legendary flutist Sir James Galway at Seoul Arts Center 18 January 2016. Accompanied by the Korean Chamber Orchestra (서울바로크합주단), led by violinist and music director Min Kim, Sir James and his wife Lady Jeanne Galway will perform pieces from the flute repertoire he redefined during his distinguished career as well as music he has recorded for beloved films such as The…

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Gonjiam Music Festival is a collaboration of the world’s top artists to learn about the lives and dreams of the next generation of artists and create a future through music. Music is an inspiration and the beautiful voice we cherish, for it enriches our lives and all others thereafter. As musicians we wish to share our role, our value, made together. This is the philosophy and goal of Gonjiam Music Festival.

As part of its cultural contribution, Gonjiam Music Festival will donate funds towards the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) for the treatment and research of juvenile diabetes.

GMF 조직도

총감독 : 백수현
음악감독 : 필립 윤트
총운영책임자 : 찰스 이안 전
매니저 : 조혜진

Executive Director: Soohyun Paik
Artistic Director: Philipp Jundt
COO: Charles Ian Chun
Manager: Haejin Cho

곤지암 뮤직 페스티벌은 세계최고의 아티스트들과 다음세대 아티스트들이 함께하여 어린세대들의 꿈이되는 아티스트들의 삶과 음악을 배우고 함께 미래를 만들어가는 작업이기도 합니다. 음악은 우리들 삶의 감동이며 아름다운 소리이며 다음세대에게는 그들의 삶을 더욱 풍요롭게하는 가치입니다. 그리고 음악인으로서의 역할과 가치를 다하고 그것을 함께 나누며 만들어나가고자 합니다. 이것이 곤지암페스티벌의 철학이고 목표입니다.

곤지암 뮤직 페스티벌은 문화공헌사업의 일환으로 페스티벌 수익금을 세계당뇨병연합 International Diabetes Federation(IDF)의 소아당뇨병 치료및 연구를 위한 후원기금으로 기부합니다.

Sponsored by
Gonjiam Valley • Gwangju City • Namhansanseong Arts Hall • Konjiam Resort • Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia • Cosmos Music • Dolce • Yamaha • Paganini Instruments • Muramatsu • Pearl Flute • Miyazawa • Verne Q. Powell Flutes • Wm. S. Haynes • Faulisi Headjoints • Mancke Flutes